Dating lachenal english concertina

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Serial Number 198619, steel reeds, C/G still tuned in old pitch A452.

Pristine condition, original Lachenal embossed hand straps.

Metal ends, metal buttons, 6 fold bellows, excellent condition, C/G in concert pitch with probably original but battered case. This is in almost mint condition rosewood ended 31 key anglo.

Anglo concertinas are often associated with the music of Ireland, though they are also used in other musical contexts, particularly in music for the English Morris dance and Boeremusiek.

Famous English players of the Anglo include Scan Tester, John Spiers, William Kimber, and John Kirkpatrick.

The Anglo originated as a hybrid between the English and German concertinas.

The button layouts are generally the same as the original 20-button German concertinas designed by Carl Friedrich Uhlig in 1834.

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