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There were also multiple assassination attempts during the same period, two men trying to kill the Queen in 18, which may appear in the show. Many cast members are returning for the second series, including Coleman as the titular character, and Tom Hughes as her husband Albert.Others returning include David Oakes as Prince Ernest, Nell Hudson as Miss Skerrett, and Eve Myles as Mrs Jenkins.Watching a detective bounce from informant to informant like a pinball and then arrive comfortably at the jackpot isn’t a thrilling watch.After two rushed stories involving DI Helen Weeks, the second more lacklustre than the first but both as generic as the other, it’s hard to muster much enthusiasm about the idea of her returning to a screen already saturated with crime fiction. A bent copper was at the heart of In The Dark’s second half, and AC-12 was nowhere in sight.If Line Of Duty’s crack-squad had been around, perhaps this thriller finale may have stood a chance of being thrilling.

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” During the 40s, Victoria went on to have another five children (including future King Edward VII), having another three between 18. Another plot line will likely be the Great Famine, when Ireland was hit by a potato blight, leading to over a million Irish people dying and another million fleeing the country.

Clive’s boss Frank really was just a tuna-hating pal of Paul’s and the father of his dead ex-fiancée.

Presumably, Frank got so far as tracking the boys down to that social club but failed to gather the additional info that they were acting under instruction of Adam.

It took Helen to find that out, something she achieved not through deduction, but yet another tip-off.

First Frank pushed her in the right direction, then the social club landlord finished the job.

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