Dating in the dark kissing

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Sheen gushed to the media that his lady was beautiful(not exactly a state secret), captivating and endlessly funny.Fans were sad to see the back of this romance in 2013.She met Jackson on the set of Sherlock Holmes and the two hit it off famously.

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We all have one of those at some point in our lives, I suppose.

They also attended boxing events at the Madison Square Garden. This has to come out of the Hollywood dating book; a tall, dark and rich music producer and a bombshell movie star with a love for the fine things in life.

Their breathless chemistry was a subject of mass swooning around Hollywood and their relationship went on for a year.

Reggie had always been a perfect gentleman when her hubby was around so imagine her surprise when he whips out that monster coc...

Letters from Husbands and Wives Real-life experiences and thoughts about "going black" from white women who've been there.

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