Dating for wealthy men

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It's not often you receive an account of your shortcomings to your (blushing, aged) face.

Yet, here I am, standing in a figure-hugging frock, being assessed - and rejected - for possible romance.

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HYDERABAD, India, Oct 10 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For years, Haji Khan - a lanky man in his thirties - moved inconspicuously in the bylanes of Hyderabad's Old City, scouring the streets for child brides for older men visiting from Gulf states, pocketing about 10,000 rupees (0) for each girl.

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It is immediately evident that Kailen is really nice - smart, funny, genuinely a fan of the man who has employed her services, and committed to finding him the woman of his dreams.What I was doing was introducing people to who they really were.If they can't get that right, then they're never going to meet the right person. It's kept him real, taught him that what matters is nothing money can buy.Khan struck two kinds of deals: 'Pucca' meant long-term marriages where the girl would fly back with her husband to his home country, and 'time pass' marriages that lasted for the duration of the man's stay in India.Take Action: Urge Australia to lead global efforts to #Levelthe Law by championing the repeal or reform of laws that discriminate against women and girls."We lined up 20 to 30 girls for each Arab in a hotel and he would select one.

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