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Lot 202Eos SMART chair-zero gravity massage chair, model # Eos-605 with 46 air chambers, 5 full body massage settings, adjustable back rest, heated lumbar, and multiple massage combinations including kneading, tapping, clapping, Shiatsu, vibration and air massage.

Retails 00.00 Lot 220Mid Victorian era (1860) antique diamond earrings.

Real photo postcards are actual photographs printed on postcard paper. There may be some indication on the back of the card about the type of photo paper used - this is often indicated by the stamp box, which will be visible if your postcard is unused. The postage stamp can help you figure out an approximate age of your postcard.

There may be an exact amount of how much postage required to mail the postcard printed on the back of the postcard in the stamp box.

Cards previous to that had to have the Private Mailing Card Statement. There was often a statement that said "this side for address only." The postal service started allowing the use of divided back postcards in March of 1907.

So, if your card is marked "Private Mailing Card," is dates from 1893 - 1901. A divided back postcard (example 3) has a line down the middle, or some other indication that one half of the back is for the address and the other half is for a message. If your postcard has an undivided back, it is from 1907 or earlier. during World War I in order to save ink and estimated to have saved 20% more ink.

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However, there are many postcards that were never mailed or that a part of the post mark is illegible or soiled.

Here are some general guidelines to help determine the age range of your post card.

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