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For quite a while we worked with RS2K but discontinued after revising our screening policies.

Following our breakup with Eros Guide, we even offered a rebate for new RS2K subscribers.

All in all, P411 is a decent verification service with a clean looking website and interesting concept with ‘okays’ as references.

The technical support is efficient and always online.

Exchanging references is a direct violation of our privacy policy in that we do not share members’ personal information with any third parties, no exceptions. The P411 login security is weak and subject to hacking of members’ data.We were fairly satisfied with the screening results and for the most part, quality of membership was satisfactory in producing mostly nice guys.After a brush with the law, RS2K changed the website URL to we are not sure about their current status.Plus, their screening method does not feature an option to verify a member’s legal name.We require a member’s legal name to be verified in order to qualify to meet any of our club members.

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