Dating another attorney

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Walk the conversation back to your original purpose.

It might cost more, but if you don't get the original questions answered, you've probably paid for nothing. A common scenario: the lawyer starts out composed and becomes hysterical as the job approaches deadlines; the customer is hysterical on first contact and calms down with the notion that something is being done.

Law school teaches the adversary system (explained in ADVERSARY SYSTEM, tk).

Despite that, lawyers might have learned efficiency in law school. Law schools don't teach project management, bookkeeping, computer skills ...

Where these types may – or may not – be bulletproof, a state bar association could theoretically go after a garden-variety lawyer – possibly all the way to disbarment. Without engineering credentials, you can still engineer; without a law license, the closest you can come is working as an economy lawyer in a back room of some giant corporation.

There are very few lawyers who haven't given serious thought to disbarment.

Lawyers believe they are equipped to offer advice to fact, they don't teach a single course related to productivity, and very few aimed at results for the customer.So the lawyers get their business know-how out of personnel manuals, which instruct them in the art of managing legal secretaries. Don't be misled by newspaper images of the high priests of law, the silver-haired establishment lawyers with political connections and hand-made suits.For business advice, try friends in business; for personal advice, try your grandmother.Efficiency is to some extent a process of cooperation, even among the most competitive people.

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