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At one point they suggested she could not afford the rent on her London flat “unless I was being paid by Russian intelligence”.

She said: “I had to explain about my close relationship with Mike Hancock and said he did help me financially.” Miss Zatuliveter told the officers about two diplomats from the Russian embassy she had met, including one known as “Boris” on whose business card she had written “KGB” because she had heard rumours he was a spy.

The “spy” in the Commons From 2006 onwards, Miss Zatuliveter began working a few days a month as an unpaid intern in Mr Hancock’s Parliamentary office.“He made it clear from the beginning that he was interested in me romantically,” said Miss Zatuliveter in a statement.“He asked me back to his hotel room but I didn’t go.She had volunteered to work as a “chaperone” helping delegates at a Russia-EU conference in Moscow and was assigned to the British delegation, which included Mr Hancock and the then Labour MP John Austin.Mr Hancock asked her out for a drink and then dinner, which she accepted.

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