Dating a man ten years older than me

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One day after we ran into each other on the street, I got an email from him asking what I was doing on Saturday night.

He took me to a lovely French restaurant and was very thoughtful.

Sure, I’m no longer in my 30s, but I don’t look my 40-something age. He told me that he and his girlfriend had split in June and said that we should grab a drink sometime.

We exchanged email addresses and stayed in touch occasionally, but he never formally asked me out.

I’ve loved all kinds of men, so I figured why cut anyone out?

My ex was a sober addict (that was an education in and of itself) and I’ve been with military men, musicians, actors, lawyers, and at least one teacher.

Her advice to me was, “Don’t do the math of, ‘When he’s ___ age, I’ll be ___ age. The numbers began to dissolve in my head and I became able to just see a man there.

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As I told my girlfriends about him, I’d wake up to GIFs in my inbox of “The Graduate” and pics like this.These are actual quotes from people when I tell them my boyfriend is almost 14 years younger than I am.In this generation of D​emi and Ashton and Samantha and Smith­, why is there still a stigma about an older woman who canoodles with a younger man? Why are we still surprised that nice girls have sex? He will listen to what you have to say, so do not waste this opportunity to share your experiences with him.

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