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This is one of the most pernicious of all the myths about prostitution.In the first place, it is an abhorrence, and should be an anathema to all feminists, that we are told that men are programmed to rape if they do not get their rocks off.When I began campaigning against domestic violence 35 years ago the perpetrators were invisible.The victims were pretty much all we heard about, and the perpetrator was the invisible man.It is one of the most pessimistic and inaccurate views of male sexuality I have heard.But equally as dangerous is the view that some women should be made available to men to be sexually violated so that “other” women can be safe from rape. The men, mainly white British, spoke of how they decided which woman to have sex with, often based on how he perceived her ethnicity, or her compliance. I told myself that I’ll be with different races, e.g.Japanese, Indian, Chinese…Once I have been with them I tick them off the list. “Selecting and purchasing has something to do with domination and control,” said another.

Female survivors of these atrocities were often wheeled out to talk about “their recovery” or how they had helped other women get through their ordeal, whilst the elephant in the room was visible only to some.My book explores how and why wider society both buys into and perpetuates the mythology about why men pay for sex.Even amongst leftist men, who claim to be pro-feminist, there is a view that men have “need” for an “outlet”.The punter has the most choice, and women have the least.They are paying for sex because without the money the woman would not consent. I have been interviewing sex buyers since 1999 when I, with sex trade survivors and other feminist activists, set up a re-education programme for men who pay for sex in West Yorkshire.

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