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He played in local bars with his band instead of studying.At age sixteen, Dellentash obtained his pilot’s license.

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Dellentash recalls buying a consignment of light aircraft in Sweden that turned out to be overhead camera planes used for geometric surveys.

Dellentash flew to Oklahoma to complete the sale, but learned that the vendor, known as “Flamin’ Eddie,” had been found dead in his bathtub.

The plane was a wreck, and in desperation, Dellentash tried to cancel his check.

His bank suggested that he take a loan against the title of the plane instead.

Remarkably, he left the bank with a check for 0,000 — for a plane worth next to nothing. Dellentash quit his construction job and set up an airplane sales and charter company at Hanger 17 in Teterboro, New Jersey.

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