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But you have to look at some of the smaller contributions to understand Watt’s true impact.

Clay Iverson had coached Watt and his two NFL-bound brothers, Derek and T. When Iverson’s two sons, 12-year-old Calvin and nine-year-old Corey, saw a You Tube video about Watt’s fund, they asked, “Dad, could we donate? It’s one of the greatest things he’s done [for my family]. In Jefferson City, Mo., Allison Patrick was following the news of the flooding in Houston when, on a Friday afternoon, she asked her six-year-old son Hudson if he’d like to raise money and donate.

“ ‘Go home, do extra chores, turn in your pop cans, and we’ll see how much we can raise by Thursday.’ We thought they might come back with .” Instead the boys returned with 9.

They printed up a novelty-sized check and sent a picture, along with the money, to Watt.

It was a great thing to be a part of.” By late October, with more than million raised from 209,314 donors, Watt closed the giving phase and announced plans to distribute the money to four charities, including May’s St. “During a time like that, you learn so much about how the world is bigger than just the bubble you live in,” Watt says.

“We always see these events on TV—a storm in Puerto Rico or Hurricane Katrina—and you feel terrible. But there’s an entirely new level of heightened awareness when it’s That will change you forever. It’s an angle I didn’t even really contemplate fully until now.” Of course, he now has time to contemplate it. A little more than six weeks after Harvey’s landfall the Texans hosted a nationally televised game for the first time since the hurricane, a Sunday-nighter against the undefeated Chiefs.

After all, they were extended members of the Houston family—months prior, in a random draw, their team was assigned Texans-branded uniforms.

“We gave them the challenge on Tuesday night [after the hurricane],” says Yoder.

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They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on Back in Pewaukee, Watt’s mother, Connie, helped organize a food-and-supply drive that ultimately sent 10 semi-trucks and a cargo plane headed to Houston, packed with goods.Even with Houston’s opener coming up, he was determined to carry out the vetting process as he allocated the money, and the​ St.Bernard Project (launched nearly 12 years earlier, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina) was on Watt’s radar early on.This is going to be the page.” On Sunday, Watt posted the link to his various social media platforms, where his reach is among the largest in football, and in the initial push contributions overwhelmed You’s bandwidth, crashing the site.The largest donation, million, came from the billionaire Charles Butt, owner of the Texas supermarket chain H-E-B, 10 days after the fund was opened.

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