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Some asked me what had taken me so long, but they were shocked by my immediately moving in with another man.

So I cut myself off from all of them, ignored their calls, and threw myself into work. I was deeply unhappy and completely isolated, living with a man I barely knew and barely liked, hundreds of miles away from family and friends, trying to adapt to a strange and awful new existence.

I was still with Malcolm and contemplating the approach of my 50th birthday when I met David, a widower in his 50s, on a train to London in July 2005.

I hadn’t noticed him until he got up to go to the buffet carriage and asked if I wanted anything.

Five days after I walked out on him, Malcolm moved his new girlfriend into our house.

He had met an 18-year-old Eastern European girl in an internet cafe a day or two after I left, and she was now his girlfriend.

Though this came as a *shock* heard 'round the world, I have a good feeling this is a "We are never ever ever getting back together" breakup.My partner, friends, huge house and garden were all gone, and in no time at all after I’d left him, my husband was in a relationship with an 18-year-old girl.Meanwhile, I was living in a tiny studio flat in London, impoverished and alone.We were still affectionate - there were occasional hugs, for example - but we were more like brother and sister.I assumed this was inevitable in a long-term relationship, but wondered, with sadness, whether it was all over for us in that area of our marriage.

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