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Somehow intercourse makes us feel as if we are revealing something at the very core of our beings; even if at this core lies merely more play-acting.

Sex is the most resplendently subjective experience, which implies there is a subject, or so the logic goes.

As a friend once implored: "Why only beer goggles, why not lifelong blinkers?

" One of the most popular novels of recent years, Ian Mc Ewan's On Chesil Beach, might well be a record of non-consummation, of a honeymoon encounter turned into the dampest of squibs.

The initial flood of lust feeds off the gendered part of the package, notably a torrent of testosterone and oestrogen.

Someone's particular fetishes may be less knowingly laid down: the thumbsucker who yields to more graphic oral fixations; the squirming schoolboy who grows up ever hankering after a walloping; the News of the World journalist who goes hard at the prospect of a Mosley in uniform.The site is a picture library of the facettes de la petite mort (or "cum faces" in the lexicon of the lavatory wall) of its "agonées"."The only nudity it contains is from the neck up," declare its creators.The rhetoric of congress reflects this assumption: an individual becomes known via the sexual act.And there is a sense in which we all recognise the veracity of this: the rush of something passing for post-coital intimacy; that intoxicating alliance born of pillow talk; the sudden, potent familiarity with someone who was until recently exhilaratingly unknown; something unfamiliar discovered in a familiar ally; the mess of selves and sweat.

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