Consolidating files in logic 9

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But at the same time, reflect the cost to serve and provide for a profitable businesses venture.When mapping out the financial planning process, the difficulty in solving for that equation becomes immediately apparent.Financial planners around the globe are already forging business models around video meetings and live chat that are reducing the cost to serve[4].

Many of these companies are scoping to provide financial planning advice to consumers that is relevant, time appropriate, efficient and priced appropriately.

[1] https:// [3] Deloitte Access Economics, 2017, ASX Australian Investor Study, delivery of good advice takes time and resources.

There is an onus on the client to be engaged in the process and a requirement for the financial planner to utilise resources that have a lower unit cost to enable the provision of planning at a palatable cost to the consumer.

But at the “upper end”, only 20% of working Australians are engaged in the planning process. The basics of what people want regarding their financial planning needs, seems significantly simplified with the basics of cash flow, savings and forward planning being the desired “goals” of the average Australian[2].

This statement gains credibility considering the recent Access Economics research (ASX Australian Investor Study)[3] that provides an insight into the psyche of the Australian population and their attitudes to investing especially as it relates to seeking planning and their understanding of investments.

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