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Whether it's confidence or self-assuredness—whatever you call it—nearly 80% of the 1,800 women we recently surveyed identified it as the sexiest trait a man can possess.Now, in real life, Woody went on to marry his daughter, and while we wouldn't recommend that to anyone—not even the biggest losers—it does show that being the man you really are is truly the easiest way to get the woman you want.Amy Cuddy, a Professor at Harvard University, observed that in moments of victory, such as wining a marathon, we naturally assume what she calls a powerpose – arms up and an open body.When we feel self-assured or confident we open up our bodies; when we feel timid or emotionally vulnerable we assume closed postures.Also, don't talk about settling down and having babies on the first date.It's OK to be honest—telling her you're not much of a player will score you points—but she might not like long-term talk right off the bat.And since you're looking for a mate, never keep dating a girl simply for companionship or sex. Don't e-mail her or leave a message more than once before receiving a response (and no drunk-dialing).Cut your losses the minute you know she's not "the one" (don't worry, she's out there). If she doesn't call you back, she's not interested—it's really that simple.

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An easy way: Tell funny anecdotes about what an imbecile you are, but make sure they're actually impressive. Your body language does have a direct influence on your mind.Our physical actions have the capacity to change how we think and feel. Building confidence can start with adopting an outward act and that will eventually translate into true inner confidence.Another way to instantly improve self-love is through self-care.Taking care of your own spiritual, emotional, and physical needs will instantly create a better sense of self.

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