Columbia university racial preferences in dating

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And it will come down to voters, because there’s no other vetting. And you’re accusing him of doing something that is illegal.That is why the moral agency of politicians has become so important. And when presentation is made that these legal relationships are somehow related to something he did which is illegal, then you’re smearing the man essentially by lumping in his relationship with his wife, which as far as we know has been solid — 32 years with four kids, I don’t know how many grandkids with relationships that he had when he was single in this murky area that nobody really care — CUOMO: I would be careful, because you are drawing a lot — I know you guys like to do this, but you’re drawing a lot of implications from something where they weren’t said.

And there are debates what constitutes consensual sex or not.And they’re looking at Roy Moore, and coming out with teams of lawyers disputing this and that.And for his supporters, that is going to be enough. You can have people going through difference experiences and telling different stories. POLLAK: If you look at the media coverage at the time, there were certainly many outlets that credited her accusation based on the principle that we should always believe what the accuser says.I think Gloria Allred did her client no favor when she refused to submit that yearbook to independent forensic analysis before having some kind of political surface in the Senate, which she wanted before the election.So, voters are going to look at that and say we can’t really decide what happened 40 years ago.

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