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Religious dating sites are becoming more and more popular these days, and for good reason.

Not only do they put you in touch with people from your community; they also help you strengthen your faith by knowing there’s a whole community out there who shares your beliefs.

Going out to meet people purely for dating reasons often feels like a waste of time.

Going out for other good reasons (spiritual growth, charity, fun with friends, etc.) often has few dating options.

Over the years, one of the ‘phenomena” of the Catholic Match community…

Read More Several comments from the articles here on the Catholic Match Institute show the majority of active members accept the unwritten rule that only men should pursue women.

Be it that I am engaged, and I met my fiancée (Jennifer) on-line, I am at least somewhat qualified to discuss this topic.

Not only will it help you learn more, it’ll also increase your chances of finding that dream date.

When Catholics do discuss it, they usually spend more time saying what you are not supposed to do, instead of what you are supposed to do.

Alternatively, they skip straight over meeting and dating to people who are already married.

It is hard to run out of people on-line, as you can always widen your search (geographically or otherwise). Members range from cafeteria to orthodox to traditional, from serious to non-serious.

You can’t assume that any particular person has any particular (or correct) approach to their faith, but there are indications of what their approach is and whether it is compatible with yours.

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