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I find I may use 'no problem' when someone asks me for a favor; then it seems appropriate to say 'no problem'. If you think you have anything to say on these subjects, and many more, drop in. The fact remains, that there are many people out there who haven't picked up a book since they left school. Babi I have more time for reading now that I'm alone and retired. I guess the dueling is still going on in some areas, what with the guns and all in the city streets. This has me curious, so I am going to try and keep a list this month. BOOKS: Emma B, you know, I think I suffer from the same condition as Rembrandt when it comes to books.

But when someone says 'thank you', my response is still the traditional one. I have a busy life with clubs, tennis lessons, bridge, church activities, etc. We are retired and when I owned stores even the used bookstore, I could not read the way I wanted.. I like everything about them, the bindings, the covers, the typeface of the title on the spine, the way they SMELL (The recently published ones have the smell of promise, the older ones of stories not yet told, or wisdom yet to be learned.) I like the way they sit next to each other on the shelf, all varying colors and sizes, each different, while at the same time, each the same.

May love be in our lives and the lives of our family members. I am not sure, but feel that Grandpa and I are more interested than Kait at 11, but we will see. Alas, Freedom of Speech takes precedence, I suppose.

It's got tons of room on it so I put so much music on it and all of my photos and I'm going to download audio books so I can listen to them in the car! We are famous for discussing the pros and cons of every nomination, in the House series, so please bring your opinions.

It seems a very assertive response, as tho' "yes, i bro't something to the discussion and you're welcome to it." ......More and more people are using "no problem" in place of "you're welcome" around here. Of course, to most of us, a 'thank you' is always necessary when someone does you a kindness. The amount of reading I could do dropped drastically with the first child. That doesn't keep me from filling it with petunias, impatiens, begonias, etc. When I was growing up, it seemed like every house had either a snakeplant or rubber plant, sometimes both plants. I posted something, yesterday, in the "Rembrandt's Eyes" discussion in response to Emma Barb's comment that Rembrandt collected books, not just for what was in them but, also for their own shapes, colors, feel, and texture.It gets me because I when I thank someone for doing a good job or a small kindness, I never considered it to be problematic. My daughter ( the librarian) said the library was so busy over the Christmas holidays and all age groups too. At the same time I am reading Woman in White I have been reading "A Tale of Two cities" by Dickens. It has become so common now, that people say it as readily as they say 'you're welcome'. And of course when I worked full time and still had a house to tend, I couldn't read as much. Maybe that 29 books a year is typical of the busy person who only gets a chance to read in the evenings, before bed. Since it's winter, I have six houseplants to keep me company. Since I almost always have two or three books going at once, I probably do read 29 or 30 a month. Ginny suggested that I also post it in "Book Nook.".... It is one of the touring shows with the bodies that have been preserved by special methods. Come now, we can't totally eliminate words like 'search' and 'awesome'; they have legitimate uses. If we could ban them from the teen vocabulary, now that would be a pleasure! Today we are going to see the Human Bodies exhibit at Orlandos Science Museum. If one more waiter tries that , I think my husband is going to rise out of the chair and scream.

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