Carbon dating questions answers

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In rural areas where properties are sparse, numbers may be related to the distance from a road's origin.

For example a roadside box number 230 would be 2300 m from the roads start.

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The permanent gases in air we exhale are roughly 78 per cent nitrogen, 15 to 18 per cent oxygen (we retain only a small amount), 4 to 5 per cent carbon dioxide and 0.96 per cent argon, the CO2 being of course used by plants during photosynthesis. Matt Wormald, Neutral Bay Trees and plants give off carbon dioxide when they breathe, and when they die and rot.We breathe in oxygen and some of this carbon dioxide.When we exhale, we breathe out less oxygen but more carbon dioxide than we inhale.The street usually starts at the closest point to the nearest GPO in a town or city.Paul Roberts, Lake Cathie Napoleon has often been credited with the idea of odd numbers on one side and even on the other. In Manly, our family home was No 3 on our road; it was on the left.

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