Carbon dating great sphinx

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Ancient Egypt's population was compressed in the narrow confines of the Nile Valley with a tree cover, we assumed, that was sparse compared to less arid lands.We expected that by the pyramid age the Egyptians had been intensively exploiting wood for fuel for a long time and that old trees had been harvested long before.The difference is only that of a few hundred years.It is impossible to use most modern scientific methods to date the Great Sphinx accurately.However, we have no way of knowing if it was buried in wet sand.

We do know that the Sphinx has been buried for the better part of its existence. This being the third time that we are aware of, including Thutmose’s tale.

Archaeologists believe it is the work of the Old Kingdom Dynasty 4 society that rose to prominence in the Nile Valley from ca. In dealing with the 374-year discrepancy, we had to consider the old wood problem.

In 1984 we thought it was unlikely that the pyramid builders consistently used centuries-old Egyptian wood as fuel in preparing mortar.

Because it is carved out of stone, carbon dating is out of the question.

The only methods available to us are those of observation and deduction.

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