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If you are just curious about the final effect, go straight to the end of the page.For very large installations (1000 devices) it can be hard to make a single server fast enough to poll all your devices in 5 minutes.If enabled, both servers should keep polling and populating the graphs, which should be identical.

Next we edit the cronjob, delete all the housekeeping.php-jobs as this will be done by the RRD-server itself and then add the two flags -i and -n.It will receive RRD-data over the network from all the poller-machines, cache the data to be written in memory and then write it in larger bulks to disk.This will save your storage of the worst I/O bursts at the same time as it gives your pollers a simple way of sending the data over the network.These allow users or third-parties to easily add new data sources into Weathermap without altering the core code.There are a number of plugins supplied as standard, which will be described here.

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