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That said, I did take away a few things after many years of swimming - sometimes as much of 25 hours a week - and one of them had to do with chlorine.Believe it or not, I am mostly immune to the smell of chlorine but that does not mean those around me are too.On Tuesday night I paired the dress with these Rebecca Minkoff Statement Sphere Drop ...I try and keep it bright and cheery here at Sparkles and Shoes, especially over Christmas and not wanting to put a damper on the holiday spirit I waited a few days to post this.In case you could not tell from the four dozen Fashion Friday posts or my round up earlier this week of my 10 best looks, I have been a big fan of both off the shoulder and bell sleeves this year and finally I found a dress that combines both of them in one!

You become more guarded and stop being as honest and vulnerable as you were before. Sex, ego stroking, last minute arrangements, filling in the gap between this person’s relationships, being taken advantage of. The Baggage Reclaim crew (Or are we a tribe or a gang? ) is full of people who say that they want love, commitment, the whole shebang, but it’s time to ask ourselves when we have a recurring pattern of being with unavailable folk or we have hitched our wagon to the person who doesn’t want to budge from their position because their ‘ole commitment feet are set in concrete: Why do we want to commit to the person who doesn’t want to commit?Why is it that we feel that we’re being at our most ‘available’ and vulnerable in an unavailable relationship?Surely, if we truly wanted to be available and vulnerable, we would engage with people who want to expand and evolve emotionally with us?I joked that I am “retired” now but, it really is true - after 12 years of competitive swimming I now only swim for fun.Competing for Georgetown was a treat and swimming is never something I will lose but I certainly am not at peak Division I level anymore.

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