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Assignment 3S Describe how and where you learned about sex when you were younger (include X-rated movies, magazines, books, school, watching others, telephone "sex lines," etc.).Assignment 3T Describe any and all sexual experiences you have had with anyone older than you, including incidents you consider mutual as well as nonconsenting.This method involves making up (with your counselor's help) age-appropriate, nonviolent, consenting fantasies you can masturbate to when you are alone.You either keep a journal of your masturbation sessions, or you might be asked to make a tape of an appropriate fantasy to make sure that you are including all the healthy elements.Again, they must be taught to you by a trained counselor, and they may have some emotional side effects that should be explained to you. And why must the youth be afraid of offending for the rest of his life? 48) To get over your denial you must admit that you acted out sexually, that it was a choice you made and that you may have sexual feelings that are hard to control even after treatment. If you don't have a copy of the form, you may use a plain piece of paper for each day's entry.On the next page is a sheet called a "Fantasy Tracking Form"... If you can make it to this point, you will be well on your way toward beginning the treatment process. Thinking errors are the little messages running through the back of your mind that make it seem okay to commit your offenses. Plans for the next week, to make sure that you are prepared for any situation that might occur. Make sure that you bring your diary to your counseling session every week.(You already did this in chapter 3, but please list them again here.) Assignment 4B In the space below, list the names of the persons you victimized in an indirect manner.List the person's name, the person's relationship to you, and how they have been hurt.

In this assignment, list your plans for your sexual behavior, including all thoughts of offending. Where were you and who was with you when you got caught? (0 means you weren't honest about anything, 100% means you were completely honest about everything): _____ % How honest you are now being about the full extent of your sexual behavior problems: ___ % List all of the people to shom you have told the whole truth about all of your sexual behavior.This might sound like an embarrassing activity, but remember that all human beings have sexual feelings.Masturbatory reconditioning increases your arousal to appropriate sexual behavior. In covert sensitization (CS), you cancel out your offending fantasies by pairing them and connecting them with a thought, image, or smell that is scary, unpleasant, or disgusting.Your counselor may want you to make copies of the blank form, and then you will use the copies to fill out on a daily basis. The more CS forms you fill out, the more control you will develop over your unhealthy sexual fantasies. On the next two pages or on additional paper write a healthy sexual fantasy. viii) Many programs using addiction or medical models to address sexual offending behavior adopt AA-type language regarding the "recovery" process.It is recommended that you work on this assignment for a long period of time. 148) One way of measuring boys' progress is to complete a "phallometric assessment" using an instrument called a "penile plethysmograph" before and after you use these techniques. Please be thorough, and include all of the ten requirements listed above. Because "recovery" seems to conflict with the message that sexual acting out has no "cure"--only control--in Pathways young persons are encouraged to adopt a "sexual abuse prevention and safety lifestyle," and to become a member of the "prevention and safety team." (p.

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