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And the profits will be unequally distributed to a few companies and their fortunate investors.One Canadian stock, we believe, will likely find itself both in the middle of this conflict AND on the winning side.” The logic of the ad is pretty interesting — Iain Butler, who is the Chief Investment Adviser at Motley Fool Canada, is telling us that when Apple and Uber and Google want to push forward their own designs for autonomous, robotic or semi-robotic cars, they will choose existing auto suppliers to build the parts or assemble the vehicles that they’re developing…but if auto sales continue to rise, or at least not fall dramatically, they seem well-positioned to benefit.Seems to me like an interesting idea, though I can’t claim any great insight and I hadn’t ever looked at the company before this morning — not too expensive, poised to benefit, at least in Europe, if automakers do more assembly outsourcing, and saying lots of good things about aggressive growth in an industry that is generally quite cyclical — cyclical companies are, of course, a risk if you think we’re at the top of the economic growth cycle and are about to see a decline in global economic growth, but I didn’t run across anything company-specific in my brief research today that caused me to worry overly much about Magna…but Tesla is also, thanks largely to their manufacturing investment and their one-off low-volume design, quite .And, says, Butler, they’re likely to choose one particular Canadian supplier who’s vertically integrated and already doing similar “build us a car” outsourcing for luxury brands.And to top it all off, we’re also told that this company is cheap… Well, let’s ID the stock first — here are the clues from the ad: “Canada’s Best-Kept Secret?“The reinvention of this company goes back five years, with the hiring of a fresh, talented CEO that helped usher in a new era.

Magna is a global company, but they are very much weighted to North America and Europe — probably close to 80% of their 100,000 or so employees are in the US, Canada and Central Europe (mostly Austria and Germany), though they do have significant growth pushes to Eastern Europe and South America, and a not-inconsequential presence in Asia.

I don’t know what the specific breakdown is for reliance on any one specific automaker, they did get in trouble as we headed into the financial crisis because of their overreliance on the big 3 Detroit automakers, who were all in crisis at the same time, but they appear to be more diversified now.

It’s big, it’s complicated, and they do almost everything — power trains, bodies, chassis, transmission, interiors, seating, etc.

The stock hinted at and teased in that ad was Nvidia (NVDA) because of the power of their chips that some automakers, including Tesla, are using in new vehicles — if you find that compelling, NVDA is right back to about where it was when that ad campaign started in the Spring of 2014 so you haven’t missed anything… But today we’re on to something a bit different, though loosely based on the same trend — today we’ve got a tease from Stock Advisor Canada, the north-of-the-border version of the Motley Fool’s flagship newsletter, and they’re touting the natural outsourcing partner that Apple (and maybe Google and others) would use if they wanted to take the next step and build their own car. certainly Google and Apple are not inclined to get their hands dirty (or shrink their margins) by doing their own manufacturing.

So shall we check out the clues and see what they’re teasing? Here’s how the ad gets us started: “Apple is poised to disrupt the 100-year-old auto industry, calling the car ‘the ultimate mobile device.’ And investors in the Canadian company that can make Apple’s vision a reality could reap huge rewards….

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