Bad dating video

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While the relationship is new and there is a lot of spontaneous kissing, dealing with bad breath or bad kissing may be a necessity that you need to confront.

If your new guy or girl has a personality that turns you on and interests you, it’s worth using the techniques below to try and make it work.

Ask with a smile on your face, “Can I please be your go-to fashion consultant?

” By asking the question in this playful manner, you’ve made him feel like he has a choice, as opposed to coming across as a nag who wants total compliance.

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) When kissing her is like kissing a washing machine…

When it comes to style suggestions, it’s usually the woman telling the guy how to dress.

The point is that women – or men, for that matter – shouldn’t engage in behavior that could be perceived as controlling or nagging by their partner.

” If this happens again, use the exact same technique, and he will become more vigilant about keeping that mouth as fresh as a strawberry field in summer.

Conclusion: If you are truly committed to finding a good long-term relationship, letting someone go because of bad breath, kissing, or style would actually be self-destructive.

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