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This is not new; the Brotherhood cut a deal with the Mexican Mafia in the 1970s.

The implication is that if you align with Mexicans, you can't be white supremacist.

They are seen as gangsters who will compromise white supremacist principles for money.

For a sense of the conversation, look at the message boards on the white nationalist site Stormfront.

"After all, if Americans were to find out that the Mexican cartels are operating on U. soil, it would likely change the immigration debate and could potentially delay a deal indefinitely," he writes.

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Siegert, “Zur Geschichte der Begriffe “Arier” und “arisch”,” .Breitbart News, like its founder Andrew Breitbart, is particularly interested in the idea that liberals are the true racists, and that the media has unfairly portrayed Republicans, conservatives, and the Tea Party as racist.But saying the Aryan Brotherhood isn't racist seemed like a step — maybe three or 10 steps — further.When I was a teenager, I worked at a diner with a cook who had "WHITE POWER" tattooed on his stomach.He told me he didn't really believe in it, but he had to go along with it to get through prison.

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