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AT&T split off from Bell (Bel=Baal=Lord Satan) Labs; the HQ is 666 N Broadway NYC (Broadway leads to destruction; Narrow way is Jesus). and they shall not escape" The Logo for the event shows arrows above people's heads; Indication of a False Rapture event?

Plan 9 (Plan 9 from outer space may ring a Baal; Aliens from Planet 9 "Niburu") was developed using INFERNO (Hell) programming and STYX (River of Hell) distributed operating system on virtual machines calld Dis (Disrespect/Blasphemy) using safe language called Limbo (Pergutory; Telestial Kingdom for Mormons). The Peace Sign is the upside down, broken Cross called Witch's Foot or Broken Jew (Jesus is the Broken Jew).

In Parker's closet, Brennan finds one of her lab coats and photos that he has taken and cut up. In season 11, Bones invites Parker, who is now portrayed by actor Gavin Mac Intosh, for Thanksgiving dinner to surprise Booth.

When confronted, Parker shows Brennan and Booth a mobile that he made for Christine, which has pictures and other items from his dad, Brennan and himself. It's also the occasion for Parker to meet his new half-brother. In The End in the End, Brennan recovers a drawing Parker made for her eleven years before from the wreckage of her office in the Jeffersonian.

He then tells the officer that his dad works at the FBI, after which the officer takes him to Booth.

Also in this episode, Parker calls Brennan as 'Bones', just like his father.

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Cretians aka Hyksos, forcefully ejected from Egypt (Neo Cons neeed to be from America as well) went to Thera (Santorini); the volcano Thera erupted covering Lupercares (Wolf Brothels) and the island of vice with volcanic ash, the resulting Tsunami aimed directly at Crete, destroying the Zeus Bull Cult.“There was something so slow and honest about their evolution as individuals and as a couple. While there was always this curse hanging over our heads," he says, referring to the Bruce Willis-Cybill Shepherd series that flamed out once the couple became a romantic couple, but "at a certain point, the tension was dishonest.They needed to be together.”Boreanaz and Deschanel agree.“Booth taught her compassion and love for others, that you have to take your time and not blurt things out,” Boreanaz explains.C from living in England for the past 4 months and is excited to meet his new sister, Christine.However, he seems quite withdrawn and starts stealing and lying to both Brennan and Booth.

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