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Walk up to the international checkpoint in a German airport, gaze up at a camera, and walk into the country without ever needing to pull out a passport—your image is on file, the camera knows who you are. government is in the process of building the world's largest cache of face recognition data, with the goal of identifying every person in the country.

Wander into a retail store and be greeted with personalized product suggestions—the store's network has a record of what you bought last time. The creation of such a database would mean that anyone could be tracked wherever his or her face appears, whether it's on a city street or in a mall.

The technology is being pitched as an effective tool for securely confirming identities, with the financial backing of a new Washington lobbying firm, the Secure Identity & Biometrics Association (SIBA).

To some, face recognition sounds benign, even convenient.

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And that's just the beginning of what face recognition technology might mean for us in the digital era.

Over the past decade, face recognition has become a fast-growing commercial industry, moving from its governmental origins—programs like Optic Nerve—into everyday life.

The algorithm is a computer program that takes an image of a face and deconstructs it into a series of landmarks and proportional patterns—the distance between eye centers, for example.

This process of turning unique biological characteristics into quantifiable data is known as biometrics.

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