Alton brown dating

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That any reasonably intelligent adult would label himself a "born again" Christian, or switch religions with fuss and flourish is another dark sign of a most basic flaw.

And he's made his whole career of acting prickish and prickly.

Our source revealed Alton had been unhappy in the marriage and that the split had been coming "for a while."His busy work schedule that included a speaking tour and various cooking shows also contributed to the divorce. And last December, Giada De Laurentiis and husband Todd Thompson revealed that they had been separated for months.

Todd ultimately filed for divorce before the new year citing irreconcilable differences.

Years ago he had his own forum at the Food Network site, where he posted regularly.

Some of the posters were kind of unhinged, and I think that soured him on the fandom thing early on.

I lost all respect for and interest in Alton after that.

This is the result of adopting and eating pattern that that's supposed to help him live longer. I was surprised (& disgusted) to learn that he's a self-proclaimed born-again Christian -- but I've never heard anything about his politics or attitude toward gay people. He's donating money to an organization that is actively trying to stop gay marriage.

He is not a personalble person ad is best avoided.[quote]I've read before on DL that Alton is a right winger. That's no longer private and is totally a buzzkill as far as my enjoying his shows.

Whenever threads about Alton come up I repeat this since it's one of the few real bits of gossip I have (sad) but my boyfriend sat next to him in first class on a flight a couple of years ago wicked early in the morning and Alton chugged bourbon drink after bourbon drink the whole time. R48, are you referring to "W" who is the gadget guru that Alton (comically) spars with on the show?

In a behind the scenes thing, they explain that she's actually Alton's longtime chiropractor and that she had no prior acting experience.

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