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Participants in past Siebel Scholars conferences have included British Prime Minister John Major, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, U. Secretary of Health and Human Services Mike Leavitt, U. The 2007 Siebel Scholars conference entitled, “The Economics of Alternative Energy,” and the 2010 conference entitled, “Energy and Climate,” led to the creation of several initiatives to significantly advance energy efficiency and security, including the Siebel Energy Institute. He is also the former President of the Boy Scouts of America and still sits on its board. S.’ “100 outstanding journalists of the past 100 years." No other American broadcaster has received more “Overseas Press Club” awards.

The 2004 Siebel Scholars conference, “Justice in America,” gave rise to the Meth Project. history to be asked to remain in office by a newly elected President, and is a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Ted Koppel served as a Foreign Correspondent, War Correspondent and Senior Diplomatic Correspondent for ABC News over a period of 43 years. The Columbia-Dupont award is broadcasting’s equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize. He also has eight Foster Peabody awards and 42 Emmy’s.

Tim serves as the Technical Director - ICS and SCADA programs at SANS, and is responsible for developing, reviewing, and implementing technical components of the SANS ICS and SCADA product offerings.

A recognized leader in CIP operations, he formerly served as the Director of CIP Compliance and Operations Technology at Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO), and was responsible for Operations Technology, NERC CIP Compliance, and the NERC training environments for the operations departments within NIPSCO Electric.

At the “Energy Grid Cybersecurity: Threats & Solutions” conference, speakers and attendees will discuss and debate the extent of the grid cybersecurity problem, as well as how to best secure the grid going forward.

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This jointly sponsored conference between the Siebel Scholars Foundation and the Siebel Energy Institute will bring together political and utility industry leaders with top energy science researchers and the wide-ranging expertise of the Siebel Scholars, to discuss solutions for increasing the resilience of energy networks.

Current and alumni Siebel Scholars come together with some of the most brilliant minds in the world to discuss and debate critical social issues, developing innovative solutions to society's most pressing needs. Secretaries of State Alexander Haig and Condoleezza Rice.

At our conferences, held periodically since 2000, attendees convene with eminent authorities—including heads of state, scientists, lawmakers, and experts—on pressing global challenges to discuss breakthrough discoveries and ideas. Siebel Scholars conference attendees play a key role in transforming discussion into action. Gates currently serves as Chancellor of the College of William & Mary.

Since the program’s inception in Montana in 2005, teen Meth use in the state has declined 63% and has since been adopted by seven additional states. As anchor and managing editor of ABC’s Nightline for 26 of those years Koppel became the longest serving news anchor in U. Koppel has written three New York Times best-sellers. Richard Clarke’s name is synonymous with both Cyber Security and Counter-terrorism.

The Meth Project received a commendation from the White House as the most successful anti-drug program in history. Gates served as the 22nd United States Secretary of Defense and the Director of Central Intelligence Agency. The most recent, “Lights Out,” examines the potential threat of a cyber attack on the nation’s electric power grid. He literally “wrote the book” on both subjects, by leading the US Government on both topics from the White House and then, upon leaving government, by writing the best recognized books on both topics.

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