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I did find that when out shopping I looked at men and thought "did I speak to you last night"!!!!!lol Welcome to Live Lines UK Jobs , There really good i have been researching different companies and this seems like the best of all of them. I used to work for them and have reapplied but was rudely told they wouldnt employ people who used to work there Loved the work but had to quit when I was pregnant.

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By using Hooked, you agree to our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines available at Questions? Ma première histoire est Double plongée dans l’histoire c’est passionnant le suspens est bien mis en jeu et cette histoire est si passionnante je vous conseille ce jeu(VRAIMENT TROP BIEN) ,juste au top mais quand on doit attendre 30min c’est énervant mais sa ne me dégoûte pas!When you answer a call it tells you who it is from, you you dont start talking dirty to a relative haha!! There is a running total at the top of your page so you know how much you have earned each month.You do get some calls that are a bit weird, but the site doesnt condone violence, underage sex, anything else illegal and if men start trying to talk to you in this way you can hang up an report them, and their account gets suspended.xcant belive they said that to you, ive worked 3 times for them altogether and they know i worked for them before and was ok with it, i emailed the manager and asked first?i left of my accord each time so that couldve made a difference?

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