Accomodating temperamental characteristics

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Doesn't gave to be worn on ones self to be admired.It took 20 years to understand the reason of its success, but now that I am 38 I finally understood why this is the emblem of a woman's perfume.This is a woman who is modern, bold and does not hesitate to go for what she wants. Im surprised so many dislike this but I guess a lot of people prefer sweet, candyfloss sugarbombs, or weaker aquatic florals these days.I think luxury and successful female when I smell this scent.

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I didn't like it – I guess it was the aldehydes, to me it smelled like Elnett hairspray, something that I still despise. But back then I also didn't appreciate good wines or double malt whiskey, which I started doing in my thirties.

The Hair Mist is also very very nice, a bit more long lasting, with less aldehydes but still that alluring je ne sais quoi.

The bottle is also cute and it costs much less, so it is worth buying this if you are not sure yet.

Famous Chanel N°5 is a symbol of good taste and is currently one of the best selling perfumes in the world.

Coco Chanel asked the perfume designer Ernest Beaux to create a perfume ' which smells like a woman'.

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