Accommodating resistance

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Then take a pink or green band, depending on your strength, twist it once, and place it around your upper back so the tension is pulling back your hands.Now lie down on the bench, stretch the band to grab the bar, and start benching. Also try the ‘lightened’ method, recommended by Carl of Jump-Stretch. This way you can bench 135 pounds more than normal.An 800 squatter whose top training weight is 480, or 60%, will add 80-120 pounds of chain to the bar, equaling 600 at the top. Billy Masters and Dave Barno used a top weight of 500 pounds and 150 pounds of tension with blue bands. Neither train at Westside, but they use our methods.To use bands for squatting, if you squat 650 or less, use green bands. For max effort work, one can choose a bar weight of, say, 400 or 500 pounds. Keep doing singles and adding a second and third set of chains until you break a PR or miss. Good mornings are a great exercise to do with chains and bands.In the bench press, bands and chains have helped 17 of our lifters achieve 550 or more and 7 lifters have done 600 or more.When I talk about bench training, I am referring to my lifters with a 550 bench or better; that’s who we experiment with.This is similar to how a bench shirt works: the weight is less at the bottom and much greater at the top. M.s best is 400 pounds on the bar with 7 sets of chains, for a combined weight of 680 at lockout. Remember, the bands are literally pulling down on you. The bands produce a large amount of eccentric overloading and can cause exces-sive soreness, but they are more than worth it. One realizes very fast that you have to outrun the bands, so you develop a fast start to enable you to lock out a heavy weight.

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We also have a 755 squat-ter at 165 and a 782 squatter at 181. We suspend a metal ring from the 1/4 inch chains, which regulates height of the 5/8 chain from the floor.Run the 5/8 chain through the metal loop and adjust it so that half of the 5/8 chain is lying on the floor while the bars in the rack. For example, if your max is 500, put 300 pounds on the bar.When the bar is on your chest, only the weight of the bar should be on your chest; that is, all the 5/8 chain should be on the floor.If your best bench is 250 pounds or less, use one pair of 1/2-inch-link chains; these weigh 23 pounds a set, so you are locking out an extra 11.5 pounds.A 350 or more bencher should use one pair of 5/ 8-inch-link chain.

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